Through the doors of our lodge have walked many great men of diverse backgrounds. On this page are listed those who have risen to the pinnacle position of our lodge, the Worshipful Master.

Past Masters of this Lodge included Nicholas Van Dyke, Jr., member of the United States Congress (1807–11/1817–26), George Read II, United States District Attorney (1789–1836), and Thomas Stockton, an active organizer of the Grand Lodge of Delaware who served as Governor of Delaware (1845–46).

To all Past Masters of St. John's Lodge No.2, we express our sincerest gratitude for your leadership and devotion, for making our Lodge what it is today.

Past Masters Jewel

Past Master's Jewel The oldest known Past Master's Symbol consists of the Compass, Sun, Square and Quadrant. This is the most popular Past Master's Jewel used in the United States. The earliest written evidence that a Past Master's jewel in this form was used can be found in an expose of Masonry published in April of 1760 entitled Three Distinct Knocks which said ,"The Pass Master Hath the Compasses and Sun with a Line of Cords About his Neck."

This symbol includes the Square to remind us that it is by the Square that the wearer governed his lodge as Master. The Quadrant shows what angle the Compass is opened at. This is appropriate for the symbol of a Past Master because it is by the Compass that the Freemason keeps himself within due bounds of all mankind. And it is the role of the Worshipful Master to ensure that all members of his lodge, and all Regular Masons living within his lodge's jurisdiction, are making proper use of their moral compass. It also generally shows that the Compass is opened to the angle of 60 degrees. This is significant because 60 degrees is the angle of an equilateral triangle. The equilateral triangle represents perfect balance, as all sides are of equal length, and the triangle appears the same from all directions. It therefore teaches that the man who wears this jewel has learned the lessons of Freemasonry and lives a balanced life. It also shows that the wearer of this jewel has served equally in the South, the West, and the East.

The Sun is used in this symbol to represent that the wearer has observed the sun at 1) its meridian height in the South, 2) its setting in the West and 3) its rising in the East. The Sun also represents light and it is understood that the Past Master of a Craft Lodge is a source of Masonic Light to his brothers. It closely shares the meaning of the Pentalpha in Masonic symbolism and has on occasion been interchanged with it. Thus, it is also appropriate to say that the Sun represents perfect light.

It is of interest to note that the Grand Lodge of Scotland uses this symbol as their Past Master's Jewel without the Sun.

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